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Name:Loo Fray
Louise was seven years old when her Mom died. She has many fond memories of her mother, specifically how hard she and Louise's father worked to keep her family and the surrounding community functioning and safe. When she was fourteen, her father died, and she became the defacto parent figure for both her dangerously impulsive twin sister and their little brother.

She's put her family first in everything since then; from Iroh's obsession with bringing honour to his name, to Hana's need to fight for some objective idea of what's right, neither of which Louise never really understood.

Her life shifted dramatically when she was seventeen and her world literally changed forever. A year later, she was the sister to the ruler of a great Nation and rapidly rising through the military ranks, having made two sacrifices she'd never dreamed she'd be able to make, and live with herself afterwards.

Louise is 5' tall, biracial, with long silky black hair and amber-coloured eyes. She carries herself with the poise of a warrior amd is usually bearing twin dao swords.

This is an Avatar/Fray OC for self-gratification purposes and absolutely no profit is being made. Her PB is Jamie Chung and all icons come from Hollow Art
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